Newport Releases Thin-Film Solar PV Laser Scribing Systems


Newport Corp., a provider of laser and photonic technologies, has released a series of products within its SolaryX family of thin-film photovoltaic laser scribing systems.

The SolaryX 1600P system is a fully automated tool designed for full-production PV manufacturing environments. At the heart of the system is a Newport-designed air-bearing motion control platform that scribes extremely straight lines, providing the smallest possible dead zones. The SolaryX 1600 also incorporates HIPPO or Explorer lasers from its Spectra-Physics Lasers Division.

The SolaryX 420 is a flexible, semi-automated laser system designed for scribing the interconnect patterns of thin-film-on-glass solar panels. It is ideally suited for process optimization in pilot lines prior to full-scale production and also for research and development of higher-efficiency cell architectures. It is designed to accept 420 millimeter square glass substrates and is available in single and dual wavelength versions.Â

Also, the new SolaryX Edge laser edge deletion system features a rugged industrial design for maximum reliability in 24/7 manufacturing environments. It uses a high-power, pulsed laser to remove the active thin-film coatings around the perimeter of thin-film solar panels. In addition, it eliminates the need to purchase consumables, lowering the cost of ownership for the system, compared to sandblasting systems.

Newport Corp.: (949) 253-1218

SOURCE: Newport Corp.

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