Nexamp And NuGen Complete 2.4 MW Solar Array On Massachusetts Farm


Boston-based Nexamp and partner NuGen Capital Management say their 2.4 MW solar facility at Fairview Farms in Whately, Mass., is up and running, generating electricity and net-metering credits.

Nexamp developed, designed, constructed and plans to operate the 8,129-panel ground-mounted array, which was built on leased marginal farmland. NuGen Capital Management owns the project. Revenue from the solar array will help support the landowner's farming operations.

‘Farmers here have three to four month periods of no income, and the regular income from this project will help even out the seasonal variability,’ says Alan Sanderson, owner of Fairview Farms.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has agreed to purchase the net-metering credits for the project, as well as another 1.5 MW generated from a second Nexamp developed, designed and constructed solar project at a farm in Hadley, Mass.

‘Our partnerships with these farms and UMass Amherst are great examples of how solar energy can enhance our partners' missions,’ says Zaid Ashai, chairman and CEO of Nexamp. ‘These projects help optimize the use of our clients' land to bring meaningful savings and income along with environmental benefits.’

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