Nexamp Rolls Out Storage Projects In Northeast


Nexamp has deployed its first energy storage projects, representing more than 51 MWh of capacity.

These six projects are located across sites in New York and Massachusetts, taking advantage of economic incentives available under New York’s NY-Sun and Value of Distributed Energy Resources programs and Massachusetts’ SMART program, the company says. Nexamp was awarded 40% of the capacity available in the first block of the NY-Sun program.

Whether helping large facilities reduce peak demand charges or making community solar more efficient, Nexamp works with commercial, industrial, municipal and other electric users. Similarly, Nexamp works closely with landowners to maximize a property’s potential, whether the system is combined with solar or is stand-alone storage, giving landowners a reliable lease payment and the electric grid the flexible resource it needs, the company says.

“Deploying energy storage is the key next step to solving climate change and making clean energy accessible to all,” notes Ben Downing, vice president of new market development at Nexamp. “Our team is committed to helping our partners maximize the benefits of energy storage for them and for the entire grid.”

Nexamp says its initial storage projects represent a significant step forward in its strategic development efforts. More projects are in various stages of development across New York and Massachusetts.

Nexamp is working with IHI Energy Storage as a non-exclusive equipment supplier.

“Energy storage represents a massive opportunity for energy producers, as well as consumers, transforming clean energy into a readily available resource,” says Toshiaki Nishio, general manager of IHI Energy Storage. “We are excited to work with Nexamp and design tailored solutions that ensure that each of these projects leverages the latest storage technology to maximize reliability and resiliency.”

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