NextEra Energy Resources Launches Renewable Energy Trust


NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of FPL Group Inc., has introduced the Earth Era Renewable Energy Trust and associated renewable energy products.

According to NextEra Energy Resources, the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust provides an innovative way for businesses and consumers to make a difference in the fight against climate change with confidence that every penny they spend is going directly to the construction of new wind and solar energy projects.

When businesses purchase EarthEra renewable energy certificates to meet their own sustainability or green energy goals, 100% of the proceeds go into the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust, which, in turn, allocates 100% of those funds directly to the construction of new wind and solar renewable projects.

The EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust is administered by U.S. Bank, and all marketing, administrative and other overhead expenses are paid by NextEra Energy Resources. All renewable energy projects built by the proceeds from the trust will be owned and managed by NextEra Energy Resources or its subsidiaries.

SOURCE: NextEra Energy Resources

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