NextEra Inks Deal To Supply 250 MW To PG&E


NextEra Energy Resources LLC has entered into a contract to sell 250 MW of solar thermal power from the proposed Genesis Solar Energy Project to Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E).

The proposed Genesis Solar Energy Project will comprise two 125 MW units. Once both units are fully operational, the project is expected to produce approximately 560 GWh of renewable electricity each year.

This is NextEra Energy Resources' first contract to sell solar power to PG&E, and it is subject to approval by the California Public Utilities Commission. In August, NextEra Energy Resources filed an Application for Certification with the California Energy Commission to construct, own and operate this project. In addition, NextEra Energy Resources has filed for a right-of-way grant with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the project.

The proposed Genesis Solar Energy Project will be located on an approximately 1,800-acre site between Desert Center and Blythe, on land managed by the BLM in Riverside County, Calif. More than 500,000 parabolic mirrors will be assembled in rows to receive and concentrate the solar energy to produce steam for powering a steam turbine generator.

Assuming timely regulatory approvals, NextEra Energy Resources plans to start construction on the project in late 2010, with operations expected to begin approximately 30 months later.

SOURCE: NextEra Energy Resources

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