NEXTracker To Supply Over 1 GW Of Solar Trackers For Blattner Energy


NEXTracker has signed supply agreements with Blattner Energy for over 1 GW of single-axis solar trackers.

The NEXTracker trackers, certified to stringent UL2703 requirements, will be deployed in Blattner Energy projects throughout North America over the next two years.

‘We're very impressed with NEXTracker's technology, not only for the construction process, but more importantly, the operational life of the plant,’ says Stephen Jones, director of solar for Blattner Energy.

‘Deploying NEXTracker generates more energy and reduces installation time with a repeatable, self-powered system design that is flexible to varying site conditions," says Dan Shugar, CEO of NEXTracker." Those features, combined with lower operational costs, maximize financial returns to our project stakeholders.’

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