NEXTracker’s NX Horizon Self-Powered Tracker Attains UL 3703 Certification


San Francisco-based NEXTracker, a Flex company, says that its NX Horizon Self-Powered Tracker is now certified to UL 3703 standards, which address solar tracking system functions regarding risk of electric shock and mechanical and fire hazards.

NEXTracker’s UL 3703 certification includes grounding through existing structural components without additional dedicated grounding components, such as braids, straps or grounding washers. The tracker was subjected to rigorous humidity and temperature cycling tests, rain tests, and safety testing for the electromechanical systems involved in the self-powered controller.

The certification also covers NX Horizon’s maximum system voltage of 1500 V.

The company says that the UL 3703 certification allows county building inspectors and other authorities having jurisdiction to speed up third-party evaluation processes, enabling faster commissioning for utility-scale solar projects.

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