Nextronex Inc. Introduces RAY-MAX Gen 2 Inverter


Nextronex Inc. has expanded its product range, having introduced the RAY-MAX Gen 2 transformerless inverter. According to the company, the higher-capacity Gen 2 solution is optimized for utility-scale projects by increasing rated power capacity over 60%.

Nextronex says the inverter is equipped with a full range of grid management capabilities, and the company will offer the Gen 2 solution with either the increased or original AC output range, allowing DC/AC matching to a solar array. The Nextronex inverters are based on the company's patented Distributed Architecture.

"Gen 2 represents a significant step in our technology development while retaining all the proven reliability of our RAY-MAX inverters," says Jay Troger, CEO of Nextronex." Distributed Architecture produces the highest energy yields, and Gen 2 improves our value proposition even further.’

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