Nextronex Supplies Inverters For 2.2 MW Array


Nextronex Inc., an inverter supplier based in Toledo, Ohio, has equipped a 2.2 MW PV array in Bryan, Ohio, with its Ray Max inverters.

The 1,000 VDC system features distributed architecture that allows the customer to maximize the solar panel/inverter ratio for the array based on panel type, tilt and site location, Nextronex says. The included controller system then manages the inverter use.

The installation is capable of producing energy during very low light level conditions – such as early morning, late afternoon or during cloudy conditions – using only one 150 kW inverter, the company adds. It exports power at 650 W, in comparison to many larger systems that require 2,500 to 5,000 W in order to begin generating energy.

Overall, the project is expected to generate more than 2.65 GWh of energy annually, according to Nextronex.

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