NFI Launches Solar Division


NFI, a Cherry Hill, N.J.-headquartered supply-chain solutions company, plans to expand its business through the creation of a new division, NFI Solar. NFI Solar will finance, own and manage solar energy systems on commercial properties. NFI Solar was launched in collaboration with Solare Development Group, a New Jersey-based corporation that manages the construction of solar installations.

NFI notes that it recently completed a 1.323 MW system on its corporate headquarters facility. The installation, which included over 6,000 panels on the 290,000 square-foot building, will produce approximately 1.4 million kWh annually.

NFI Solar will initially focus its efforts on its parent company real estate and large warehouse facilities. NFI Solar is planningthree additional solar energy systems to be installed in New Jersey this year. Over the next few years, it will expand its operations across other regions, including Texas and California. Fizzslots casino


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