NK Technologies Introduces New DC Transducer


NK Technologies, based in San Jose, Calif., has added a bi-directional DC transducer to its line of DC sensors. The new model of DT current transducers produces a positive voltage signal proportional to the DC current flowing in the primary direction and a negative voltage proportional to the DC current in the opposite direction. Bi-directional transducers are used in battery charging applications to monitor the charge/discharge rate.

NK Technologies' DT current transducers, along with its DS current switches, are also ideal for monitoring photovoltaic arrays, according to the company. Installed in a photovoltaic array combiner box the DC sensors monitor the solar panel array outputs to detect faulty panels. These sensors are also used to monitor other DC loads and detect maintenance requirements.

Standard features include multiple amperage ranges, simple installation and a five-year warranty, the company adds. DT current transducers and DS current switches are UL-approved and made in the U.S.

NK Technologies: (800) 959-4014

SOURCE: NK Technologies

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