Nook Industries Introduces Sensor System For Screw Jacks


Cleveland-based Nook Industries, a manufacturer of linear motion control systems and components, has launched the Nook Sensor System (NSS). According to the company, this system has been developed to provide precision position control for translating screw jack systems.

With a repeatability of up to 0.1 mm, the NSS is designed specifically for the ActionJac. It also features a custom aluminum stem cover that provides a housing shroud for select position and travel limit sensors mounted with custom profiles and used to detect ring magnets fixed to the translating screw. A patented electronic magnetic circuit is the basis of operation for these sensors.

The sensors on the NSS are manufactured using a polypropylene over-molding technology, which allows the sensor to be completely sealed into small sizes without compromising durability, the company notes. An unlimited number of sensors can be added to meet a wide range of position sensing requirements.

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