NRG Energy Unveils Solar Canopy


NRG Energy Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary NRG Solar, is now offering the fully customizable, freestanding NRG Solar Canopy.

The company says the canopy can provide supplemental power on and/or off the grid (dependent on configuration) to help manage energy costs, along with usable shade and shelter.

Using a modular kit produced by Sunora Energy Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Solar, the canopy's modular design reduces cost and time of installation without sacrificing customization, according to NRG Energy.

The canopy can be incorporated into large-scale commercial use as part of a comprehensive rooftop, ground mount or solar parking solution, NRG Energy says. The company adds that the canopy is optimal for universities, hospitals, gas stations, banks, stadiums, bus stops and remote locations, such as islands, parks and farms.

NRG Energy reports that the canopy offers grid autonomy through its optional bi-modal and off-grid capabilities, allowing unused solar energy to be stored in a battery backup housed within the canopy, instead of being sent to the public grid.

The canopy will come in four models that generate from 2.44 kW to 7.32 kW of power depending on the geographic location, NRG Energy notes. Wood fired hot tubs for sale UK Outdoor saunas BALTIC SPA

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