NRG Systems Introduces New Photovoltaic Resource Assessment System


NRG Systems, a provider of renewable energy measurement equipment, has released a new version of its Solar Resource Assessment System, which now provides a choice of pyranometer to support ISO-compliant solar resource assessment campaigns. The system is used to measure the potential of a given site to produce photovoltaic solar power on a utility scale.

Along with the low-cost Li-Cor LI-200SZ photodiode pyranometer, NRG Systems now offers an ISO 9060-compliant Hukseflux LP02 thermopile pyranometer. Other sensors can be used with the system as well. The new system also includes plane-of-array booms, standard with each pyranometer to allow for flexible configurations to match the prospective angle of the PV panels, the company says.

At 2.3 meters, the tower is also slightly shorter than the first version for easier maintenance and installation, NRG Systems adds.

‘Using satellite data alone to assess the potential of a site can have an uncertainty of 10 percent or more,’ notes David Simkins, business development lead at NRG Systems. ‘Adding on-site measurement can greatly improve accuracy, lower uncertainty and directly translate into lower project risk.’

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