NV Energy Taking Applications For RenewableGenerations Program


Following approval by state regulators, NV Energy has opened its RenewableGenerations program to electric customers who want to install renewable energy systems at their homes and businesses.

Some changes in the program are as follows:

  • Customers interested in participating in the program will be able to apply at any time, and there will no longer be a cap on how many project applications can be approved during a given period. The program will remain open for applications until funding runs out or the capacity goal is reached.
  • Incentives for NV Energy's customer-installed solar electric, wind and hydroelectric systems will be slightly reduced. For example, the incentive for residential customers who install photovoltaic solar panels will be reduced from $0.5/W to $0.4/W of installed solar energy.

‘The program is only open to new installations, and you must apply prior to putting the solar system on your home,’ says Andrea Vigil, chief operating officer of Nevada-based installer American Patriot Solar. ‘At $0.4/W, the average Las Vegas homeowner will receive around $2,000. The size of the system depends on the size of the home, but an average system is about 5 kW, or 5,000 W.’

For details on the changes to the program and project applications, click here.

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