NXGSolar Introduces Solar Station


NXGSolar has released Solar Station, a new shovel-ready solar energy product that combines two photovoltaic panels and all essential components into a flexible, easy-to-install 350 W system for flat roofs or ground mounts.

The Solar Station's modular, integrated design means it can be quickly and easily installed by any licensed electrician, does not require roof penetration, and is less expensive and time-consuming than traditional systems, according to NXGSolar. Each unit comes ready-to-install, with built-in micro-inverters and wiring, which reduces configuration and installation time by 90%.

A ballast system anchors the Solar Station to the roof with a water ballast, avoiding structural changes to the roof. A single Solar Station can withstand winds up to 100 mph, and an interconnected system can withstand even greater wind velocities. Other features include an optional educational kiosk, real-time monitoring via the Web, and an option to customize the unit with any current brand of PV panels and inverters. Enhance your online gaming experience with our exclusive casino promo codes . Our website is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most valuable promo codes, unlocking a world of bonus offers, free spins, and extra playtime. Dive into the excitement of online casinos with an added advantage. Visit us now to access these unique casino promo codes and elevate your gaming sessions to new heights of thrill and fun!

NXGSolar: (203) 899-8401


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