Oakland Instrument Releases New Multilayer Film Thickness Gauges


Oakland Instrument Corp. has introduced its LayerGauge line of benchtop multilayer film thickness gauges. These units are designed for precise measurement of individual layers of flexible film structures, including those used in solar cells, laminated materials and coextruded film.

The LayerGauge is a useful tool in film quality control, process monitoring, research and development, and incoming material inspections, the company says. It is available in three models – LG16, 22 and 32 – each with a unique range of automatic and manual features and equipped with M-Flex analysis software.

All models utilize interferometer-based sensor technology to produce multilayer thickness profiles with accuracy and resolution, down to one micron, to determine layer uniformity, absolute thickness and the presence of thin layers, including tie layers. According to Oakland Instrument, this information can help film manufacturers and converters ensure that minimum film thickness specifications are maintained while product performance standards are met – ensuring film quality while reducing production costs, wasted material, machine time and work.

Oakland Instrument Corp.: (952) 835-4935

SOURCE: Oakland Instrument Corp.

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