Ocean Optics Offers Optical-Sensing Tools For Photovoltaics


Dunedin, Fla.-based Ocean Optics, a supplier of solutions for optical sensing, has introduced a complete line of optical-sensing systems and components that address the photovoltaic solar cell market – from the characterization of thin films to the measurement of the spectral output of solar simulators.

The company says its line of low-cost, small-footprint modular spectrometers and accessories can be configured for millions of different UV-Vis-NIR applications. In particular, users can mix and match spectrometers and accessories to monitor photovoltaic thin films used in the manufacture and assembly of solar panels and to measure the spectral output of both the sun and radiant sources such as solar simulators.

For solar cell production, Ocean Optics spectrometers can be configured for thin-film thickness measurement and endpoint detection. According to the company, these measurements are important quality control parameters that, if managed well, can help manufacturers reduce waste, eliminate off-specification product and increase yield.

Ocean Optics spectrometers, including the company's flagship USB4000-series spectrometers and the new Jaz modular sensing suite, are also appropriate for monitoring the absolute and relative spectral irradiance of both the sun and artificial sunlight sources.

Ocean Optics: (727) 733-2447

SOURCE: Ocean Optics

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