Octillion Streamlines Key Process Of NanoPower Window Technology


Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Octillion Corp., an alternative energy technology incubator, has announced efforts to streamline the deposition of silicon nanoparticles onto glass, an important process in development of the company's NanoPower Window technology, a transparent window capable of generating electricity.

For the first time, while following previously established protocols for producing lab-scale prototypes, a traditionally time-consuming and cumbersome process for depositing nanoparticles onto glass has been successfully replaced with a faster, more cost-effective, commercially available deposition technology, the company states.

Octillion's NanoPower Window technology employs silicon nanoparticles that have the potential to enable conventional home, office and industrial glass windows to convert solar energy into electricity.

In the months ahead, the company plans to further refine its proprietary electrospray system, enhance quality control and consistent replication of lab-scale samples, and continue efforts to identify, evaluate and acquire additional strategic, enabling and complementary technologies.

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