Odersun Receives IEC Certification For CIS Solar Modules


Berlin-based Odersun AG has achieved the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certification for its standard copper indium disulphide (CIS)-based solar modules on first submittal and will start volume production.

The IEC 61646 and 61730 certifications demonstrate that Odersun's modules meet the IEC's strict norms regarding function, quality and safety. These certificates of compliance were awarded by the German Engineering Association VDE for the company's 1 m x 1.7 m framed glass-foil modules built of Odersun's CIS-on-copper-tape cells.

Odersun says it will now begin ramp-up of its 20 MW manufacturing facilities in Furstenwalde, Germany.

Odersun AG: 49 03355633120

SOURCE: Odersun AG

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