Oerlikon Demos Solaris Production System


Oerlikon Systems has officially demonstrated SOLARIS, a production solution designed to simplify the manufacturing of crystalline solar cells.

The existing standard fabrication method for coating crystalline solar cells is based on complex processes with high maintenance demand, whereas the SOLARIS system is based on advanced nanotechnology, Oerlikon Systems notes. In solar cell or photovoltaic production with SOLARIS, very thin layers of silicon nitride are applied on the front of the cells. The flexibility of SOLARIS also allows coating of the backside with various materials.

Each wafer is handled and coated separately. With six coating chambers, a special carrier transport mechanism and a wide range of potential layer material, SOLARIS can provide both flexibility and high productivity, according to the company. The machine can handle standard wafer formats from 125 mm2 to 156 mm2, at an average speed of up to 1,200 wafers per hour.

SOURCE: Oerlikon Systems

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