Oerlikon Solar Releases Amorph High Performance Manufacturing Technology


Oerlikon Solar, a specialist in thin-film silicon solar manufacturing equipment, has announced the availability of its next generation of technology: Amorph High Performance.

The company says more than 500,000 panels have already been produced based on its Amorph Basic technology. Amorph High Performance represents a step forward from this previous technology, with 7% stabilized efficiency and a 16% increase in panel power output yielded from the new methods. Also, fab capacity has increased by more than 50% without an increase in fab cost, Oerlikon Solar says.

The new a-Si panel utilizes an advanced Oerlikon Solar zinc oxide TCO layer, which significantly increases the performance characteristics of the panel through better light-trapping properties. Also, optimization of the process elements in the end-to-end fabrication system has resulted in a considerable increase in plant throughput capability.

TUV Rhineland says Oerlikon Solar passed all tests required for the certification of its Amorph High Performance thin-film silicon modules. All module performance (IEC 61646:2008) and module safety (IEC 61730-1:2004/61730-2:2004) criteria were satisfied. Issued as a master certificate, Oerlikon Solar says it can offer all end-to-end production-line customers a reduced time-to-market.

Oerlikon Solar: 41 817848000

SOURCE: Oerlikon Solar

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