Off-Grid EV Charging Center Central to Off-Road Rally


Rebelle Rally is bringing back Renewable Innovations (RI) as a partner of its sustainability efforts for the competitive off-road rally, which covers over 2,500 km of remote terrain over eight days.

RI is providing services to the electrified designation of electric vehicles (EV) and is powering three base camps on the course with solar.

EVs are being refueled by Renewable Innovations via its Mobile Energy Command (H2EV). The 53-foot mobile powerplant features high-density solar panels and Smartflowers on each side that follow the sun through its path across the sky to deliver 50 kW of peak power and 250 kWh of battery storage. The H2EV is fully self-contained and capable of providing 500 kW of DC rapid charging, 240 kW of H2 FC Power, 700 kWh of battery capacity, 500 kW of AC power and over 15,000 kWh of power per hydrogen supply.

“This is a proving ground,” says Emily Miller, Rebelle Rally’s founder. “It’s important for electric vehicles and all manufacturers who are interested in testing their vehicles in the crucible of competition.”

The competing vehicles in the Rebelle Rally are not modified racecars but are stock four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. The electrified designation was introduced at the Rebelle Rally in 2020 as a proof of concept, with two initial entries. The goal of the Rally and founder was to provide a real-world test for electrified vehicles.

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Solar Energy Guru
1 year ago

This is an awesome idea and a fantastic opportunity for Solar+Storage to prove itself.