OhmConnect Integrates Battery Storage Program for Sunpower Customers


OhmConnect has integrated its Market-Aware Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage Pilot Program with SunPower, recently introduced as part of the California Energy Commission’s Demand Side Grid Support Program.

As part of a suite of programs implemented to address the energy shortages caused by heat waves, wildfires and other impacts of climate change, the program offers incentives to electric customers providing backup generation to support the state’s electrical grid during extreme events. 

Under the program, SunPower customers who are enrolled in the OhmConnect-powered SunPower virtual power plant are able to earn rewards from their stored solar power when demand for electricity is at its highest.

“By seamlessly integrating into the SunPower platform, we’ve enabled residents to participate in creating a more resilient grid, without lifting a finger,” says Cisco DeVries, OhmConnect CEO. “With OhmConnect’s years of proven success, these results not only showcase its effectiveness, but also anticipate an even more substantial impact as more SunPower customers come on board.”

Since the launch of the pilot program in August, SunPower VPP customers have provided an average of 400 kW of capacity and a total of 1.2 MWh of energy during market-triggered events, with an average participation rate of 94%, says OhmConnect.

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