Ojjo Earth Truss Now Compatible with PV Hardware Solar Trackers


Ojjo says its patented Earth Truss System is now compatible with solar trackers from PV Hardware (PVH), providing more flexibility to utility-scale developers and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms.

Ojjo’s Earth Truss foundation is designed to mitigate subsurface risk, improve installation accuracy, eliminate costly predrill and remediation processes, and reduce site grading requirements.

“We believe the combination of technologies is a huge asset to the industry,” says Will Cabana, vice president of sales, U.S. “Ojjo’s novel foundation system will allow our customers to overcome increasingly demanding soil and grading challenges, which is critical as we continue to expand in the U.S.”

Ojjo says it takes a supplier-agnostic approach to supporting solar tracker systems and is compatible with many leading manufacturers. The company engineers mating hardware for each tracker’s bearing componentry, allowing seamless integration without modifications to the tracker’s core system.

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