Oklahoma Governor Approves Energy Security Act


rad Henry, D-Okla., has signed into law H.B.3028, a measure that expands the use of clean energy in the state of Oklahoma. Sponsored by Speaker of the House Chris Benge and state Sen. David Myers, the legislation establishes a renewable energy goal that 15% of electricity in the state be generated by renewables such as solar, wind and geothermal by 2015. The bill allows electricity generators to utilize energy efficiency in order to meet the goal. In order to maximize the development of the state's natural gas, the bill also establishes a natural gas energy standard, declaring natural gas to be the preferred fuel for electricity generation, the governor's office notes. The act also requires the Oklahoma Legislature and the Corporation Commission to develop a plan for transmission grid expansion in the state. ‘Without adequate transmission capacity, Oklahoma may miss an opportunity to provide clean energy for the region,’ says Bobby Wegener, Oklahoma's Energy Secretary. ‘A more robust transmission system will increase reliability for all customers and allow clean Oklahoma power generation to serve the electricity needs of Oklahomans and others throughout the country.’ SOURCE: [link=http://www.ok.gov/governor/display_article.php?article_id=1401&article_type=1]Office of Gov. Brad Henry[/l

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