One Block Off The Grid Introduces National Solar Program


Solar group purchasing company One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) has launched 2,081 group deals on solar energy in 34 states, as well as a new interactive map designed to promote job creation at the state level.

The project, called One Nation Off the Grid, signifies a new level of national reach for a single residential solar organization, according to 1BOG. It is the result of 175 new partnerships between One Block Off the Grid and solar installers across the country.

The U.S. Solar Market Map is an interactive, data-driven map that shows real-time levels of homeowner solar activity all the way down to the county level, as well as an estimated number of jobs that would be created in each state if solar policies were stronger. The map reveals whether group pricing on solar is available in a given county and includes an assessment of each state's clean energy policies, 1BOG says.

1BOG adds that it will contribute all profits from the national program to Kiva City, the new U.S.-based arm of's microlending platform.

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