Onset Develops Kilowatt-Hour Transducers For HOBO Data Loggers

Onset Computer Corp. has developed a family of kilowatt-hour transducers for use with its HOBO data loggers. The WattNode transducers, manufactured by Continental Control Systems and sold directly through Onset, provide high-accuracy measurements of one-, two- or three-phase power in two-, three- or four-wire configurations.

The transducers, which range in price from $270 to $295, connect directly to Onset's Web-based HOBO U30 monitoring systems and standalone HOBO Energy Logger Pro data loggers. Typical applications include energy monitoring, sub-metering and phase-load monitoring. For plotting and analyzing kilowatt hour data, Onset offers its HOBOware Pro graphing and analysis software package.

Onset: (800) 564-4377



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