Onset Monitoring System Now Compatible With Energy Expert Software


Onset Computer Corp., a provider of data loggers, says that its Web-based HOBO U30 remote monitoring systems are now compatible with NorthWrite Inc.'s Energy Expert software platform.

The Energy Expert software converts raw building energy and environmental data collected with HOBO U30 systems into sophisticated, graphical smart models that predict building energy consumption, according to NorthWrite and Onset. The information, delivered over the Web, provides building managers, energy service consultants and others with real-time feedback on building energy use.

Onset HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems measure and record up to 15 channels of energy and environmental data. The systems feature a NEMA 6-rated enclosure designed for harsh environments, and can transmit data via GSM-cellular, WiFi and ethernet communications. Sensors are available for a wide range of measurements, including kilowatt hours, voltage, current, air temperature and relative humidity.

SOURCE: Onset Computer Corp.

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