Onset Releases Sensors For Power Monitoring


Onset Computer Corp. has released a range of plug-in AC current sensors for use with its HOBO U12-006 data loggers. The sensor suite, manufactured by Veris Industries and sold directly through Onset, includes five compact, self-powered transducers that can be attached to pumps, motors and other equipment from which AC-load trending data is required.

The sensors plug directly into the external input jacks of HOBO U12-006 data loggers, which are able to log current and amperage measurements unattended for days, weeks or months at a time, the company says.

For plotting and analyzing current data, Onset also offers HOBOware software, an intuitive graphing and analysis software package for PC and Mac computers. HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical interface that enables users to graph, analyze and print data files, as well as export the data to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Onset: (800) 564-4377


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