OnStat Power Introduces Silent Sentry Backup Power System


OnStat Power Inc. has introduced its new patent-pending Silent Sentry uninterruptible emergency backup power system – a wall-mounted, battery-operated system featuring an ultra-compact, low-profile design.

According to the company, Silent Sentry's body is only 14 inches wide and mounts flush to or between 16-inch wall studs. Its mounting flanges can be relocated to reduce protrusion from the wall to as little as 4.5 inches, allowing the system to be mounted behind doors, in utility closets or in other tight areas.

Silent Sentry features an automatic transfer switch, which allows the system to activate instantly and automatically recharge. It connects to supply power either by hardwiring or via a standard extension cord. The product is available in 2000 W, 2500 W or 3000 W capacities, with the capability of storing up to 4 kWh of energy.

Visit www.OnStatPower.com or call (203) 324-9595 for more information.

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