Ontario Power Authority To Finalize New FIT Program With Revisions


Chris Bentley, Ontario's Minister of Energy, has sent a directive to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) instructing it to finalize a new feed-in-tariff (FIT) program for solar projects and other renewable energy projects.

According to the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), the directive will allow the OPA to move forward with applications for the small-scale FIT program, as well as provide ‘clarifications to several aspects to the program rules for both the FIT and microFIT programs (e.g., constrained microFIT projects), as well as certain provisions that are applicable to existing FIT contracts.’

CanSIA adds that it provided extensive feedback during the process with regard to ground-mounted projects, and its input resulted in improvements to land-use rules in the latest changes to the FIT program. Specifically, set-back and visual-screening rules for projects built near residential properties are now in line with practices in use for general development, the organization says.

In a letter to Colin Anderson, CEO of OPA, Bentley directs OPA to re-launch its FIT program, with the addition of the new land-use rules and other modificaitons.

The full letter can be accessed here.

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