OPDE Building 24 MW Solar Facility In California With Mecasolar Arrays


OPDE U.S. Corp. and the Sacramento-Yolo Port District have entered into an agreement to develop a 24 MW solar power generation facility using Mecasolar's single-axis tracking arrays manufactured in the U.S.

The project will be located on 160 acres in Yolo County, Calif., and will be built on public land leased from the Sacramento-Yolo Port District, a public entity of the State of California formed under the River Port District Act. The port commission authorized city/port staff to continue negotiations with OPDE U.S. during a regularly scheduled board meeting. Interconnection applications, site environmental review and county-use permits are underway.

The site is currently used for the storage and drying of dredge material from the port's deepwater channel and grazing. Both of these uses will continue after development of the solar project. The project equipment and facilities will be owned and maintained by OPDE U.S.

The facility will incorporate 1,800 Mecasolar MS-1E TRACKER 10 seasonal one-axis azimuth trackers. The project will also include 3,598 SMA America 6000 US Inverters and 104,348 230 W photovoltaic modules produced by Trina Solar and/or REC.


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