Opel, Betasol Plan New HCPV Solar System In Spain


Opel International Inc., a developer and supplier of high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) and other solar products, says that Betasol, its Spanish partner, has expanded its HCPV opportunity in Spain and has obtained a bank guarantee of more than $1.5 million for a new HCPV solar project.

As a result, Betasol has applied for permits to build a new utility-grade solar farm. The solar farm will provide a total of 2.375 MW of solar power to the region, generated by solar high-concentration photovoltaic panels on dual-axis tracking systems.

‘Once the permits are obtained for this deployment of 2.375 MW of HCPV-generated solar power, this will bring meaningful advancement and institutionalization of HCPV installations into the region's solar marketplace and is another significant accomplishment for Opel internationally,’ says Robert Pico, CEO of OPEL International.

Opel will supply the grid farm installation with its original design Mk-I HCPV panels mounted on dual-axis trackers manufactured by OPEL.

SOURCES: Opel International, Betasol

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