OPEL International, BETASOL Complete Second Phase Of HCPV Plant


OPEL International Inc., a global developer and supplier of high-concentration photovoltaics (HCPV), and BETASOL, its Spain-based project partner, have completed the second phase of a four-phase, 440 kW, utility-grade solar photovoltaic power plant in Spain.

The HCPV installation now generates 220 kW of electricity to the power grid and provides increasing revenue for BETASOL, according to OPEL International. The installation is located in the Tarragona region of Spain, a prime location for solar development.

OPEL built this installation with its Mk-I high-concentration panels mounted on dual-axis trackers. The company says the combination of its HCPV panels and precision dual-axis trackers results in a higher power production per unit of land (acre/hectare) than silicon or thin-film flat panels, with a potential to increase photovoltaic yields by up to 40%.

The balance of the installation is expected to be completed during the third quarter of this year.

SOURCE: OPEL International

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