Opel International Signs Agreement For Solar Trackers


Opel International, a developer and supplier of concentrating photovoltaic panels (CPVs), has entered into an exclusive agreement with FEiNA SCP to OEM and market FEiNA's line of solar trackers in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

The solar trackers designed by FEiNA track the sun's movement and maximize the performance of all types of solar panels. These solar trackers can be used in combination with both conventional silicon flat plate panels, as well as with different types of CPVs, the companies say.

"When combined with Opel's high-efficiency CPVs, FEiNA's trackers provide one of the most cost-effective solutions for generating electricity from the sun," says Frank Middleton, vice president of marketing for Opel International." Besides their accuracy and reliability, we have also found that FEiNA's trackers are easy to install and are virtually maintenance-free."

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