OPEL International Solar Panel Receives CE Qualification


OPEL International Inc. says testing of its Mk-I high-concentration PV solar panel recently verified that the product qualifies under the provisions of the IEC 62108 standard.

OPEL says the Mk-I will now ship bearing the CE label, indicating compliance with European market requirements. The CE certification will allow OPEL's customers to apply for permits and feed-in-tariff contracts, thereby accelerating the deployment of their planned installations.

‘With this CE qualification, we have achieved a very ambitious milestone that we set for ourselves earlier in the year,’ says Dr. Javier Berrios, OPEL's vice president of engineering. ‘Our customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East will now receive Mk-I HCPV panels with CE labels for their applications.’

The Mk-I concentrates light more than 600 times and has one of the highest efficiencies of concentrators in commercial production today, the company says.

OPEL International: (203) 612-2366

SOURCE: OPEL International

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