Open Energy Corp. Changes Name to Applied Solar


Open Energy Corp. has changed its name to Applied Solar Inc. According to the company, the name change reflects a new strategy to offer solar solutions for every rooftop, as well as provide the ability to produce solar power, measure and control its usage, and offer developers and homeowners the ability to improve the return on investment through a power purchase agreement.

Applied Solar's new strategy includes a complete shift from a manufacturing model to a licensing model in order to more efficiently bring to market the company's suite of building-integrated photovoltaic products and technologies. These products are being licensed to manufacturers and distributors.

The company also plans to distribute residential EcoTouch Energy Management Systems to meet the growing need to reduce electricity costs by enabling homeowners to both monitor and control their energy usage from the comfort of their homes or remotely. Applied Solar says it will also continue to focus on its Solar Communities program.

SOURCE: Applied Solar Inc.

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