Open Energy Corp. Hires Two Senior Vice Presidents


Solana Beach, Calif.-headquartered Open Energy Corp., a developer of solar technologies, has hired Tom Wolfe as senior vice president of engineering and development, and David Field as senior vice president of business development.

Wolfe was formerly the director of research and development for Resources Conservation Co., now a division of GE Water. He was also previously the founder of WaterEye Corp. and is now the patent holder of the company's remote monitoring software, which is being adapted to monitor Open Energy's photovoltaic installations.

Prior to Open Energy, Field was founder and chief executive officer of Clarus Energy Partners, a developer of distributed generation power systems. He was also co-founder of Kiewit Bio-Fuels. In addition to his experience in renewable energy, Field has a background in water infrastructure development with companies that include Bechtel and Poseidon Resources, and in corporate finance with Citicorp.

Furthermore, Jeff Stein has been promoted to vice president of finance from his former position of financial reporting manager. He has 25 years of experience in accounting, systems development, public reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

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