Open Energy Secures Order For Building-Integrated Solar PV Roof Tiles


Open Energy Corp. has received a $2.3 million purchase order for a total of 11,880 SolarSave PV Tiles, related inverters and other system equipment from Petersen Dean, one of the largest roofing companies in the U.S. Terms of the order call for the delivery of 400 kW of solar tiles and related balance of system equipment.

‘This purchase order represents what we believe will be the first of many orders with Open Energy,’ comments Jim Petersen, CEO of Petersen Dean. ‘We believe that homeowners will recognize the value of safe, clean, affordable power, and we look forward to working with Open Energy to expand this program.’

‘Our building-integrated products are designed to be installed simultaneous with standard roofing tiles, providing cost savings as well as aesthetic advantages,’ adds David Saltman, chairman and CEO of Open Energy.

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