Optics Balzers Offers Solar Filters


Optics Balzers AG has introduced SoFi Solar Filters, interference filters designed to meet requirements for sun simulators and offer outstanding spectral characteristics, long-term stability and accurate reproducibility, even when manufactured in large volumes.

An increasing number of interference filters are being applied for quality checking and further development of solar cells, the company says. These solar cells are tested with sun simulators. With the aid of the new interference filters developed by Optics Balzers, the illumination spectrum of a lamp is converted so that it becomes equivalent to the solar spectrum.

The nature of this spectrum is defined in a standard (IEC 60904-9) and divided into different quality classes. According to this standard, the SoFi Solar Filters achieve the highest-quality grade (Class A), and produce spectra with much narrower specifications, Optic Balzers says.

Optics Balzers AG: 42 33885160

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