OptiSolar Selects Xantrex GT500MV Grid-Tie Inverters

Xantrex Technology Inc. has received an order from OptiSolar Inc. for Xantrex's 500 kW medium-voltage commercial solar grid-tie inverters (GT500MV). The inverters will be deployed at the Sarnia Ontario Solar Farm, to be developed by OptiSolar Farms Canada Inc.

‘OptiSolar's order of Xantrex's solar inverters is for the first phase of the largest Canadian solar project to date,’ says Mossadiq S. Umedaly, Xantrex's chairman.

The GT500MV inverters have automatic startup and shut-down features, as well as maximum power point tracking technology to optimize the energy harvested from the photovoltaic array. To maximize power conversion efficiency, the switching circuitry for these inverters uses insulated gate bi-polar transistors.

SOURCE: Xantrex


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