Oregon Public Utility Commission Approves Solar Incentives


egon Public Utility Commission has issued rules for a pilot incentive program designed to encourage the use of solar energy. The pilot project will allow customers to receive incentive payments for new solar systems installed after July 1. The program does not rely on state tax credits or Energy Trust of Oregon incentives. Rather, Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp and Idaho Power will pay residents who install solar systems a guaranteed amount for 15 years, providing an opportunity to cover the cost of the system. Rates will be set at a fixed rate for small-scale and medium-scale systems, and they will be determined through a competitive bidding process for large-scale systems, the commission notes. The initial incentive rate will differ from region to region; it will be slightly less in sunnier regions that have more potential for solar generation. The size of the pilot program is limited to 2,500 kW. Small-scale installations are limited to 10 kW or less, and medium-scale commercial systems must be greater than 10 kW but not exceed 100 kW. A large system must be greater than 100 kW, but not greater than 500 kW. SOURCE: [link=http://www.puc.state.or.us/]Oregon Public Utility Commission[/link

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