Organic Food Co-op Going Solar With Nonprofit Crowdsourcing Campaign


San Francisco based nonprofit RE-volv has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finance a 36 kW solar energy system for the Other Avenues Food Cooperative in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood.

RE-volv raises donations through crowdfunding to finance 20-year lease agreements for solar energy projects for community-based organizations. As community organizations pay RE-volv back, RE-volv reinvests the money into additional projects to create the self-sustaining revolving Solar Seed Fund.

‘I've been working on this project for eight years, and it's been difficult to find the right fit for financing this solar project,’ says Darryl Dea, president of Other Avenues. ‘So when RE-volv came around, it was a perfect fit for us because not only do they work with nonprofits and co-ops, but we're able to contribute to this fund, which will further create more solar projects.’

Individuals can make tax deductible donations to the campaign here.

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