Origami Solar Announces Domestic Supply Chain for Steel Solar Module Frames


Origami Solar has finalized a U.S. supply chain, including three steel fabricators, which the company says will help avoid certain risks and costs related to trans-Pacific shipping.

The three partnerships, with Welser Profile of Valley City, Ohio; Priefert, of Mt. Pleasant, Texas; and Unimacts of Houston, are expected to help the company ship steel solar frames to customers early next year. 

“America has one of the world’s strongest steel industries” says Gregg Patterson, Origami Solar CEO. 

“We have the energy efficient steel mills and the world-class fabricators that can produce every solar frame America will ever need. Thanks to our newly-announced partnerships and all-domestic supply chain, there is simply no reason for the solar industry to accept the enormous risk that comes with imported aluminum frames. They should not have to accept shipping issues, labor strife or impoundments delaying the arrival of the frames they need. They should not have to accept the possibility that geopolitical tensions could shut off the frame supply entirely. They should not have to accept the risk of ever-increasing tariffs or that weaker aluminum frames would fail to support ever-larger solar panels. Now, the solar industry can avoid that risk entirely.”

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