OSIsoft, DERNetSoft Partner to Scale Adoption of DERs


OSIsoft LLC, a provider of operational intelligence and enterprise infrastructure for streaming data, and DERNetSoft Inc. have partnered up to create and deploy an energy marketplace for cities and communities to scale adoption and integration of distributed energy resources (DER).

The combination of OSIsoft’s community systems approach to data and the DERNetSoft marketplace solution, an AI-based cloud platform, creates a replicable and scalable approach for entire cities and communities to effectively engage with their utilities and DER providers. As a green button certified solution, DERNetSoft also provides a real-time interface for consumers and their providers to optimize their deployed systems and ensure operational effectiveness through detailed analytics and AI toolsets.

“It is my pleasure to announce that the DERNetSoft platform will be integrating with the OSIsoft PI system to help end-use customers effectively engage and participate in a cleaner and more reliable distributed energy future,” says Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, founder and CEO of OSIsoft.

Climate change is transforming the energy market as communities, cities, states and industries are striving to reduce carbon from the energy sources they utilize. The DERNetSoft platform provides the tools to help customers, their communities and businesses work together to optimize and deploy climate change solutions. By working with entire communities, DERs are delivered at lower costs while helping to improve local grid resilience and energy security.

DERNetSoft targets government, commercial, industrial and residential customers within communities and integrates data collection automation, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to increase the adoption of DERs. 

Founded in 2018, DERNetSoft is a privately held company, headquartered in San Leandro, Cali.

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