OTB Solar, ARISE Technologies Report Progress With Selective Emitter Approach


OTB Solar and ARISE Technologies Corp. say they have made ‘significant progress’ in the development and deployment of OTB Solar's Single Pass Selective Emitter Process, in combination with a conventional diffusion furnace, to produce high-efficiency silicon-based photovoltaic cells.

The Single Pass Process enables the deposition of the area emitter and selective emitter dopants in a single pass process sequence, thus reducing and eliminating the need for additional costly emitter-forming equipment, processes and materials, according to the companies.

The emitter forming process under development at OTB Solar's Eindhoven Technology Center and ARISE's Bischofswerda PV Cell Production Fab utilizes OTB Solar's ELEMENTS Ink Jet Printing Deposition Platform. This industrial-scale product can be adjusted for the different throughput requirements of cell makers.

SOURCES: OTB Solar, ARISE Technologies

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