OTB Solar Releases New Screen Printer, Deposition Tool

OTB Solar BV, a supplier of solar cell production equipment, has released its new METx metallization screen printer and DEPx2400 silicon nitride deposition tool.

OTB Solar says the METx offers high-volume production capabilities in concert with a compact footprint and simplified operational features. The system, which places a series of metallization layers on wafers, helps ensure high up times and low breakage rates.

The DEPx2400 deposition tool features a high deposition rate and throughput, excellent layer uniformity and surface passivation, and low maintenance requirements. Like the METx, the DEPx2400 has a minimal footprint for optimal space consumption.

Both the DEPx2400 and METx can be integrated in OTB Solar's turnkey, fully automated solar cell production solution: LINEx.

OTB Solar: 31 0402581581



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