OTB Solar Teams With Trident On Inkjet Printing Tech


OTB Solar, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Trident Solar have formed a partnership to bring inkjet technologies to the solar market. As part of this collaboration, Trident's proprietary 256Jet-S inkjet printhead will be integrated into OTB Solar's PixDro open-architecture inkjet platforms, including the LP50 research and development tool and the Elements pilot or full-production system.

Trident's inkjet printhead features stainless-steel construction and a repairable design that allows the nozzle plate to be disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled. The inertness of the 256Jet-S printhead enables jetting of the more aggressive solar processing fluids, such as phosphorous dopants and alkaline etchant.

The open architecture of OTB Solar's product line provides customers with flexibility in the production of solar cell technologies with different manufacturing requirements and allows for a variety of printhead and laser applications to be integrated, according to the companies.

SOURCES: OTB Solar, Trident Solar

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