OutBack Introduces FLEXware Advanced PV Combiner Box


OutBack Power Systems Inc. has introduced its FLEXware Advanced PV Combiner Box for off-grid, grid-tie, residential, commercial and utility PV installations.

OutBack says the new product is expected to cut installation time via optimized wire routing (minimizing right-angle bends of heavy gauge wire), a uniquely angled negative terminal bus bar design and an increased number of knockout locations to ensure that larger output conductors do not block access to smaller wiring terminals.

‘Our FLEXware PV delivers a marked level of refinement in combiner design that reduces array installation time while maintaining the necessary functionality that installers need in this type of product,’ says Mark Thomas, CEO and president of the company.

The product is suited for either small or large systems: The FLEXware PV 8 model can hold up to eight 150 VDC-rated breakers or up to six 600 VDC-rated fuse holders, and the larger FLEXware PV 12 model can hold up to 12 150 VDC-rated breakers or up to eight 600 VDC-rated fuse holders with either one combined or two separate output circuits.

Also, the new product accommodates dual 2/0 AWG output wiring and includes a removable, flame-retardant polycarbonate dead front panel to meet NEC 2008 code compliance for installation, preventing accidental contact with live terminals and components.

OutBack Power Systems: (360) 435-6030

SOURCE: OutBack Power Systems

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